Find An English-Speaking Therapist in Italy

Find An English-Speaking Therapist in Italy

Book therapy with a qualified expat therapist anywhere in Italy. Meet in person, online or by phone.

We choose our English-speaking Psychologists, Therapists & Counsellors in Italy carefully. All our Consultants are experienced and highly trained, but most of all they are the ones our clients like to work with.

Native English-speaking Psychologists in Italy have been our speciality for over 5 years. Our dedicated English-speaking Therapists are expert in the provision of CBT, Counselling and Therapy to Expats in Italy.

We have Quality English-speaking Psychologists who practice from their Private Therapy Clinics for Expats in Bologna, Milan and Rome. Their clinics are in central locations within a 5 minute walk from tube stations.

Our Therapists are experts in working with clients from all over the world. A Private Expat Therapist can help you work out how to deal with difficult situations, negative thoughts, painful feelings and unhealthy behaviours and make positive changes to improve your life. To make an appointment please choose a therapist, pick a timeslot and pay to confirm your booking.

Meet Our Excellent Expat Therapists in Italy

Sessions from: 80€. My Credentials: I am a psychologist and psychodynamic psychotherapist chartered and registered with the Lombardia Regional Council of Psychologist. I graduated with a degree in Clinical and Health

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Sessions from: 100€. My Credentials: I’m a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and a licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Milan. During my PhD at the Salzburg University, I had the opportunity of deepening my knowledge

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Sessions from: 90€. My Credentials: I am a Psychologist registered with the Lombardia Regional Council of Psychologists. I was awarded an MA in Mental Health Counselling from Palo Alto University (CA, USA); I have practiced

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Sessions from: 80€. My Credentials I am an English-speaking Counselling Psychologist and a Psychotherapist in training. I work privately in Rome with the expat community. Since obtaining my registration in 2015, I have

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Sessions from: 80€. My Credentials I am a Native English speaking Psychologist and CBT Therapist in Rome working privately with the expat community. My experience as a psychotherapist includes working with both Italian and

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Sessions from: 100€. My Credentials I am an English-speaking American Psychologist in Rome working integratively, drawing from psychodynamic and existential approaches. I have worked in the field of counselling in Italy,

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Sessions from: 100€. My Credentials: I am an English-speaking Psychologist in Bologna. I am a chartered member of the Italian Board of Psychologists and of the Italian Society of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I am currently

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Our Client Guarantee

We have been at the forefront of multilingual and multicultural therapy services for over 5 years, both in London and in Italy. Our multilingual private therapy consultants are the industries experts in counselling and psychotherapy. A multilingual speaking therapist through Expat Therapy 4U offers you priceless language and cultural understanding. Our multilingual speaking therapists come with years of experience, glowing reviews and top qualifications. Whether you are looking for an English, Italian, French, Spanish or Portuguese speaking therapist Expat Therapy 4U has the right therapist for you.

At Expat Therapy 4U, we believe that to ensure you have a positive and successful experience of therapy, your Therapist should have appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience. We take great care when we select our Expat Therapists to review their credentials and qualifications. Your private therapist will have a passion for not only psychotherapy but also for working in the culture and language that is so dear to them. Expat Therapy 4U will ensure your Expat Therapist is a seamless addition to your life.

However, If you aren’t satisfied with your first therapy appointment, we will offer and arrange for consultation with another therapist free of charge.

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